General Information Phone Numbers and Hotline Information

You’ll find contact information for Park District Staff below. To view an organizational chart for the Park District, click here.


Name Title Number Email
Jeffrey Wait CPRP Executive Director 847-965-0383
Laura Kee Superintendent of Human Resources and Risk Management 847-965-0538
Claudia Marren Administrative Asst./Recording Secretary 847-965-0996
Kathy Herrmann Marketing Manager 847-965-0971
Liz Manning Guest Service Supervisor 847-965-1200


Name Title Number Email
Joe Bruntmyer CPRP Superintendent of Recreation 847-965-0290
Sue Braubach CPRP Recreation Supervisor 847-965-0532
Katie Halverson CPRP Recreation Supervisor 847-965-0217
Kari Acevedo CPRP Recreation Supervisor 847-965-0604
Elizabeth McCann Recreation Supervisor 847-965-0387
Jeanette McNichols Recreation Supervisor 847-965-0942

Finance and Registration

Name Title Number Email
Marty O'Brien Superintendent of Finance 847-965-0225
Luisa Gonzalez Finance Coordinator 847-965-0277

Parks and Facilities
Name Title Number Email
Keith Gorczyca Superintendent of Parks and Facilities 847-965-0069
John Stroesser Park Foreman 847-965-0065
Park Police

Name Title Number Email
Norm Stromberg Park Police Coordinator 847-965-0740