The Morton Grove Park District offers the following options for participation in our fitness classes.

Option 1: Annual GroupEx Fitness Membership

Choose form Strength, Zumba, Cycling and more. Select class are free with your membership.  You determine which classes fit your schedule.  This does not include entry to the fitness club or Specialty/Small Group Training classes.


Early Bird Club – All GroupEx Fitness classes held Monday through Friday before Noon.

Annual Fee:  $300 (pay in full)      $26 (payment plan)

Prime Membership (All Inclusive)  – All GroupEx fitness classes held in morning, evening or on Saturdays.
Annual Fee:  $396 (pay in full)      $34 (payment plan)

Club Fitness Membership Add On Option:

Early Bird and Prime Members are eligible to add on an Annual Club Fitness Membership at 35 percent off the fee. This upgrade gives you the flexibility to workout on your time and change up your routine during the week.

Option 2: GroupEx Pass Cards

This card provides flexible attendance to classes at very competitive rates. You choose which class fits in your schedule. Please note this card is non-refundable and non-transferable and does not include entry into the fitness club or specialty classes.

- Resident Age 59+ Res Non-Resident Age 59+ Non-Resident
5-Visit $40 $35 $50 $45
10-Visit $80 $70 $100 $90
20-Visit (Save $10) $150 $130 $190 $170
Option 3: Walk-in Fees

This option is ideal for the person who would like to try a fitness class. Fees start as low as $7 for an Active Adult (59+) resident.

Groupex Pass Infornation

When you take out an annual GroupEx membership you will receive a GroupEx Pass card. This card allows for easy check in to fitness classes. You’ll find fee information on the Club Fitness page.

Class Descriptions

Barre Burn Based on classic ballet barre techniques, Barre Burn is the perfect blend of deep muscle toning and resistance, with the grace of ballet, flexibility of yoga and core strengthening of Pilates. This class builds strength, while stretching and toning the entire body. Light hand weights, a ball and exercise bands are often used to achieve maximum results. Barre Burn works to create long, lean muscles, to increase flexibility and improve posture. No dance experience is required.

Core N More – This class is a full body, strength and flexibility technique with multiple benefits. The workouts are designed to keep the entire body’s system of muscles balanced and strong and flexible and the joints healthy. Class structure includes some low impact cardio along with Pilates mat work.

Cardio Kickboxing – An intense total body workout featuring traditional boxing moves. Punch, kick and block your way through this fun and challenging cardiovascular workout, which can improve strength, aerobic fitness, flexibility and balance.

Cycle –  With the ability to control everything from speed and resistance to intensity level, this class is as easy or challenging as you want. Each class provides a warm-up, cardio workout and cool-down.

Cycle Sport – Class combines a high energy interval cycle workout with strength and toning. Maximize your time with this class, which provides both cardio and strength.

Exercise for Health- Do you have aches and pain, fibromyalgia or arthritis? Are you done with rehab and want to gradually get back to exercising? Do you want to improve your flexibility and muscle strength all while improving your balance? If you answered yes to any of these questions, this is the class for you! Participants will use gentle fluid movement to enhance muscular strength, increase joint flexibility and promote overall physical stamina.

Hatha Flow Yoga Hatha Flow emphasizes mindfulness in each asana with a focus on synchronizing the breath within each posture. By linking movement with breath, the health benefits of each pose are enhanced – including greater muscular strength and tone, increased flexibility and joint mobility, with improved circulation and hormonal balance. This class is suitable for anyone, as modifications are always offered.

Longevity Wellness (formerly Senior Exercise) This dynamic program is designed especially for older adults emphasizing non-vigorous exercise increasing joint mobility and flexibility with fun music and a lot of laughs.

Strength Training Looking to lose weight, tone up and just look and feel better? This program is power-packed FUN! Workouts consist of aerobic strength, speed, power and agility exercises designed to challenge all fitness levels.

Strong and Long This class combines strength training, stretching and relaxation exercises to offset the effects of osteoporosis, manage weight, release stress and recover muscle mass lost due to aging or a sedentary lifestyle. Get a full body workout and leave feeling strong, long, relaxed and ready to face the day!

Tai Chi for Health – This class uses gentle, fluid movements to enhance muscular strength, increase joint flexibility and promote overall physical stamina. Participants will relax and find relief from the physical and mental stress that accompanies living with aches, pains, fear of falling, fibromyalgia and arthritis.

Total Body Toning A combination of free weights, body bars, tubing and resistance balls. Strengthen, tone, and define the entire body (upper, lower and core). All levels welcome.

WERQ! WERQ is the fiercely fun dance fitness class based on pop, rock and hip hop music. The warm-up previews the dance steps and the WERQ cool-down includes balance and yoga inspired poses.

Yoga for Alignment Proper alignment improves circulation, creates inner space in the joints, good posture and helps avoid injuries. When proper form is present you can get the maximum benefit from each asana for greater muscular strength , tone and flexibility. Additionally proper alignment brings a balanced flow of energy through the body that creates wellbeing.

ZUMBA Zumba is taking the world by storm! Zumba is a fitness program designed to strengthen the heart and lungs, trim and tone the entire body, increase flexibility and improve coordination.



30-Minute Kettlebell Express (16 and older) Kettlebells are one of the most powerful tools for improving fitness and physique. Kettlebells fast results work, due to the challenge of incorporating the whole body simultaneously with dynamic, explosive movements in every plane of motion. This class will be offered in specialized small group environments in order to maximize performance and perfect form and function, join us and get ready to swing low and swing high…as we feel the power of KETTLEBELL! Min: 4 Max: 6

Better Balance (55 and older) This class is designed to enhance core strength, balance, coordination, stability and flexibility. Range-of-motion exercises are performed from head to toe.

Cycle Yoga (16 and older) Challenge your body with an hour of intense indoor cycling followed by a half hour of yoga for a complete mind/body workout. This class is guaranteed to leave you feeling refreshed and energized!

Line Dancing (16 and older) Join instructor Rhonda Bidne for a weekly class on country western line dancing. Rhonda will teach classic dances throughout the session. Line dancing is a good way to burn calories and have fun.  Round up your friends, grab your cowboy boots and mosey on over. No tennis shoes. Hard shoes only.

Small Group Training (16 and older) This small group, personal training class focuses on building muscle and overall toning. Offering non-stop strength and core building exercises, this class increases muscular endurance while using a variety of movements and equipment (barbells, plates, a bench and mat). Instructor is certified in Body Pump, AFFA group exercise and AFFA personal training. Min: 3 Max: 4

Spin + TRX Combo (16 and older) Get cardio and strength in one 60-minute session. Cycle segments for cardiovascular conditioning followed by TRX segments for strength training. This is a specialty program and is not available through a GroupEx membership.

TRX Circuit (16 and older) From pro athletes to seniors, TRX is a great workout for any fitness level! Leveraging your own body weight, this full-body workout improves strength, flexibility and mobility.

Power Strength (16 and older). If your goal is to burn fat, interval training should be added on to your workout program. Interval training is a great way to hammer out a quick workout and it’s extremely effective for transforming your physique. By incorporating intense periods of work with short recovery segments, interval training helps you give maximum intensity while still maintaining your exercise form. The great thing about high intensity interval training is that it keeps your body burning fat even after you leave the gym.