Position Type: Summer Pool Staff-Cashier

Date Posted:1/26/2021
JobID: 459 Click to apply

Location:Oriole Pool

Cashier is responsible for the greeting and money exchange of pool patrons’ entering/exiting the pool facility.

Qualifications:Must be at least 16 years of age. Must work well with all ages and posses a friendly disposition. Good math and customer service skills a must.

Essential Functions:
– Arrive and punch in 15 minutes prior to start of shift to prepare pool for entrance. This includes but is not limited to cleaning all surfaces in contact with customers, updating signage, preparing registers (log on) and paperwork for the day. Ensure the bank is accounted for and all reports are available for the day.
– Providing exceptional customer service to patrons and guests always. Always treat customers with respect and courtesy. Inform Manager if problems arise.
– Manage cash flow including daily fee and merchandise sales.
– Keep the register updated and keep capacity counts available for Managers.
– Treat customers with respect and courtesy. Inform Manager if a problem arises.
– Check that patrons are supervised or are proper age to enter, wearing proper swim attire and that no prohibited materials enter the pool. Discourage loitering.
– Position may work as attendant atop waterslide if CPR certified, releasing patrons down slide.
– At the end of the day, clean the register area. Prepare deposit. Money should be counted in private “safe” area. NOT IN VIEW OF PUBLIC. Never leave cash register unattended. Always count money more than once. Wait for Management to count out deposit. Account for all the money, remove the required (appropriate denominations) bank amount and fill out all the appropriate paperwork.
– Assist with cleaning and general procedures if tasks are completed before facility closes and punch out after Manager’s approval.
– Monitor and enforce no outside food policy. Maintain a garbage free building.

Starting $11.00 per hour






Position Type: Summer Pool Staff/Lifeguard

Date Posted: 1/5/2021

JobID: 346 Click here to apply

Location: Oriole Pool

Job Summary
Provides a safe aquatic experience through rule enforcement, accident prevention and competency in lifesaving skills. On site training provided.

Job Duties
– Set up the pool area. This includes putting out equipment, making sure the bath rooms and locker-room are clean and open, installing lane lines,
– Provide exceptional customer service to guests at all times.
– Guard your zone with 10/20 scanning and enforce rules .
– Instructing swim lessons
– Complete accident and rescue reports thoroughly.
– Attending in-service training.
– Clean up at the end of the day putting equipment away and making sure bath-rooms and locker-rooms are clean.

Must be at least 16, outgoing, a team player and problem solver, have the ability to pass a swimming skill test, and obtain a Ellis Lifeguarding license.

Starting $12.00 – $13.00 per hour DOE approximately 25 to 40 hours per week.

This is a seasonal position working Memorial Day through Labor Day

Preschool Aide JobID: 466 Click to apply

Position Type:Preschool/Preschool Aid

Date Posted:1/25/2021

Location:Oketo Park Fieldhouse

The Preschool Aide will act as support staff to the Preschool Teacher, assisting whenever necessary. The Aide shall assist in the planning, organizing, and conducting of preschool classroom activities on a day-day basis. This as a part time position working between 15 – 20 hours per week.

Must be 21 years of age. Work experience in a preschool/early childhood setting is preferred. Ability to work independently and creatively. CPR and first aid certifications required or will train.

Essential Functions:
– To assist in the planning of the program and activities of the children.
– Will initiate, interact and encourage children in a variety of activities throughout the day
– Assist the Teacher in planning and preparing daily and weekly lesson plans. May be responsible for designing own lesson plan with the consent of the Teacher.
– Uses appropriate and positive discipline.
– Assist the Teacher by passing on observations regarding the children’s health, behavior, and development.
– Arrive and depart on time.
– Attend regularly scheduled staff meetings.
– To assist the Teacher in designing and putting up decorations on bulletin boards.
– To assist in maintaining classroom supplies. – Complete work orders for special classroom set-ups (minimum 1 week in advance).
– To assist in maintaining a clean and organized classroom.
– May be asked to assist in other classrooms.
– Prepare the classroom prior to the school year and clean up at the completion of the school year.
– Direct and assist parent helpers in preparing materials and classroom for daily use.
– Supervise the use and care of Park District supplies, equipment, and facilities.
– Establish and maintain good working relationships with parents, recreation supervisor, co-workers, and the community.
– Complete an Accident Report form for all injuries to children while in attendance at preschool and inform supervisor immediately.
– Submit timecard and payment requests in timely manner.
– Maintain up-to-date records on students including emergency information.

Starting $11.00 per hour








Job ID: 468 Click to apply

Position Type: Recreation
Date Posted: 2/22/2021
Location: Prairie View Community Center

The Special Events Coordinator is responsible for organizing, creating, promoting, and implementing a variety of community wide special events.This is a seasonal part time position, working May through August, approximately 20 hours per week. Must be available evenings and weekends.

Education:College Degree preferred or attending a college or university majoring in Recreation, tourism, Hospitality, Public Relations, or closely related field. Candidates with Event Planning preferred. CPR/AED and First Aid Certification and valid Illinois driver’s license.


Demonstrated knowledge, creativity and skill in programming and managing community wide special events as well as partner with staff and volunteers in the planning, execution, and supervision of events.

Must have excellent oral and written skills; ability to solve problems and produce work on a timely basis.

Must have ability to build and maintain relationships with outside groups to develop partnerships for events.

Demonstrate leadership, initiative, dependability, professionalism with the ability to work in a positive manner with coworkers and public.

Essential Functions:

Organizes, implements, and evaluates a comprehensive selection of events to meet the needs of the community.

Orders and distributes supplies. Maintain appropriate inventory and supply for events.

Leads and directs events collaborating with other staff to ensure quality events, including coordinating, and assigning tasks.

Maintains records of events, and event participation.

$16.00 – $18.00 DOE






Position Type: The Recreation Supervisor

Date Posted: 2/23/2021
JobID: 569 Click to apply

Location:Prairie View Community Center

The Recreation Supervisor is responsible for directly overseeing all day-to-day operations of Oriole and Harrer pools, Before and After school programs, birthday parties, and special events. Responsible for the planning, operation, organization, and evaluation of programs. The Recreation Supervisor hires, trains, supervises all aquatic and base staff.

Bachelor’s degree, minimum of two (2) years recreation operations, Ellis lifeguard instructor or certified within one month of hire. Current CPR and First Aid certification. Knowledge on how to read, calculate, check, and maintain chemical levels. Must be able to obtain CPO certification with one year of hire. Must have highly effective interpersonal skills, problem solving abilities and advanced communication skills. Demonstrated initiative, dependability, good judgement, tact, analytical skills, leadership, and the capability to work in a positive manner with the public. Rec Trac experience preferred, but not required. Must possess a valid Illinois Class “D” Driver’s License.

The Recreation Supervisor is responsible to the Superintendent of Recreation.

The Recreation Supervisor of Aquatics shall have varying hours due to programs, special events and facility operating hours. Due to the varying nature of the work, evening and weekend hours are to be expected.

Essential Functions:
Directly supervises seasonal and part time employees, including recruiting, hiring, training, scheduling, mentoring, and evaluating approximately 80 seasonal employees.

Supervise pool operations, including lifeguards on duty to maintain maximum safety for patrons.

Plans school days off trip, booking field trips and entertainment.

Conduct training and in-services for aquatic staff.

Oversees swim team, swim lessons and aqua exercise.

Maintain and comply with Jeff Ellis and Associates, State of Illinois Health Department, and PDRMA rules and regulations to operate safe aquatics facilities.

Plan, organize, implement, evaluate, and supervise aquatic programs and special events.

Prepare program department budgets.
Evaluate/survey all programs/participants within your assigned areas.

Provide direction, leadership, and motivation to staff under your supervision. To include conducting and managing the annual and/or seasonal performance review process.

Prepare and monitor scheduling and payroll for your staff.

Establish and nurture communication with outside resources valuable to your programming; including public and private organizations.

Perform all job tasks within the rules and guidelines of the District’s safety program. Using good safety awareness and judgement.

Marginal Functions:
Assist in marketing and promoting all areas of responsibility.
Enforce and train safety rules, regulations and procedures in your area of supervision.
Participate in all required safety training.
Notify public of unsafe conditions by voice, signage, and barricades.
Perform all job tasks within the rules and guidelines of the District’s safety program. Using good safety awareness and judgment.
Serve on Safety and various Committees when assigned.
Performs other duties as assigned.

Psychological Considerations:
The Recreation Supervisor may resolve differences and problems that arise with patrons and employees. This employee is responsible for safe and well-organized programs/events. May have to work under stressful situations when first aid, CPR or the use of the AED is required.

Physiological Considerations:
The Recreation Supervisor may be required to work in climate 86 degrees or higher with high humidity. The worker may be required to lift items 10-20 lbs. in weight and respond to safety concerns quickly and accurately.

Environmental Considerations:
The Recreation Supervisor may be exposed to all weather conditions especially hot and humid conditions during summer events.

Cognitive Considerations:
The Recreation Supervisor must possess good safety awareness and judgment. Must be a good communicator with strong creative skills.

Exempt Salary Range $38,0000 – $58,000


Position Type: Recreation

Date Posted: 2/10/2021

Location: Prairie View Community Center

JobID: 467 Click here to apply

Summary: The Athletic Coordinator is responsible for providing a safe play area through set up, supervision and general maintenance. This is a part time/seasonal position.

Qualifications: Must be 18 years of age with a strong interest in sports. This position requires certification in CPR/AED and first aid (will train). Good communication skills.

Immediate Supervisor: The Athletic coordinator is responsible to the Recreation Supervisor.

Essential Functions:
Be first onsite of each game to set up.
Enforce game rules.
Communicate with team captains and players.
Remain onsite during games to troubleshoot any issues that may arise.
Will be last to leave after taking down equipment.
Provides feedback and communicates issues of importance.
Provides first aid if necessary.
Adhere to all Morton Grove Park District policies, procedures, and safety standards.
Other duties as assigned.

$11.00 per hour






Position Type: Summer Camp Staff/Camp Counselor

Date Posted: 1/5/2021

JobID: 384 Click here to apply

Location: Prairie View Community Center

The Camp Counselor will plan, direct and supervise activities for campers.
-Supervise campers in camp wide activities providing for their safety and well being.
– Will enforce all camp regulations and promote the camp’s philosophy. Maintain campsite in well groomed manner. Assist in all camp related activities including swimming.
– Participate in weekly planning staff meeting. – Prepare daily plans and evaluations as requested. Give guidance and direction to junior counselors. Implement/lead new
and creative activities. Be a good role model for campers.

Must be at least 16 years of age and should possess skills in supervision, organization and initiating recreation activities with children. Previous experience working with children preferred. Enthusiastic, energetic and patient individuals needed. CPR,First Aid, AED certification required. (will train in house).

This is a seasonal position.
$11.00 – $12.00 depending on experience

Position Type:Recreation

Job ID 470 Click here to apply

Date Posted:2/24/2021

Location: Prairie View Community Center

Under the direction of Recreation Supervisor and Dance Coordinator. Dance teachers are responsible for instructing students in ballet, tap, jazz, hip hop and other forms of dance as determined by the supervisor. Dance teachers plan their dance program to meet students’ needs. Explain and demonstrate techniques and methods of dance, drill pupils in execution of dance steps, choreograph and direct dance performances according to style of dancing taught. Participate in the planning and execution of the annual dance recital.

Must be at least 21 years old. Degree in Dance or Education with dance experience preferred. Experienced in dance performance required and teaching experience preferred. Ability to work independently and creatively. Pleasant and friendly personality.

Essential Functions:
-Arrive in studio no earlier than 15 minutes prior to the start of your first class for preparation.
-Responsible for daily set up and cleanup of studio.
-Maintain materials and storage areas.
-Develop lesson plans to include a balanced dance program,organize daily class time so that preparation, rehearsal and instruction can be accomplished within the allotted time.
-Evaluate each student’s performance and technique.
-Keep appropriate records including attendance reports, emergency forms, costume orders and other records as necessary.
-Maintain a classroom atmosphere that is conducive to learning.
-Meet regular and predictable attendance requirements.
-Participate in staff meetings.
-Maintain professional competence in dance techniques.
-Prepare students to perform dances for the annual dance recital and summer showcase.
-Select music and costumes for each dance performance.
-Keep an open line of communication with the parents of students, keeping them informed as to the progress of their child.
-Work as a team with the dance staff to achieve the overall purpose of the program.
-Demonstrate good communication skills teaching a classroom.
-Be able to get across information in a clear manner.
-Submit availability for class scheduling purposes when requested.
-Performs other related duties as assigned.
-Fill in as a substitute for other teachers if possible.
-Greet parents and students.
-Fill out accident reports as needed.
-Display a cooperative, positive attitude when working with staff and students.
-When communicating and interacting with parents employee should focus on professional courtesies, regarding Dance Program activities and information only.
-Maintain a knowledge of park policies, confidentiality of student and staff records and information, and loyalty to park district.
At no time should an instructor assistant be in a closed room alone with a child, either another child, parent or staff member should be present.
Do not release a child to anyone without written permission from the parents.
-Choreograph and participate in Starbound dance competitions if assigned.
Salary Range $19.00 Starting