General Information Phone Numbers and Hotline Information

You’ll find contact information for Park District Staff below.


Name Title Number Email
Jeffrey Wait CPRP Executive Director 847-965-0383
Michelle Khzakia Human Resource and Risk Manager 847-965-0538


Name Title Number Email
Sue Braubach CPRP CPP AFO Superintendent of Recreation 847-965-0532
Claire Baumgartner CPRP CPP Recreation Supervisor 847-965-0604
Kelly Moore Recreation Supervisor 847-965-0290
Daniel Bregman CPRE CYSA AFO Recreation Supervisor 847-965-0217
David Torres CPO Recreation Supervisor 847-965-0942
Susan Smentek CPRE Recreation Supervisor 847-965-0387


Name Title Number Email
Marty O'Brien Superintendent of Finance 847-965-0225
Luisa Gonzalez Finance Coordinator/Recording Secretary 847-965-0277
Kathy Herrmann Marketing Manager 847-965-0971
Lauren Ishii Guest Services Supervisor 847-965-0594

Parks and Facilities

Name Title Number Email
Keith Gorczyca Superintendent of Parks and Facilities 847-965-0065