Police Infomation

“Protecting the safety of all Park District patrons and properties…”

For Police Response:
Emergency 911
Park Police: Non Emergency (847) 965-1200
Village: Non-Emergency (847) 470-5200


At a time when youth-at-risks statistics are at an all time high, the Park Police strive to work with the youth in our community. By patrolling both on foot and in their vehicles, they aim to be highly visible throughout the park system and to act in a community outreach capacity as needed.

Park Police Patrol Services

  • Protection of life and property
  • Prevention of criminal activity
  • Maintenance of public order
  • Enforcement of laws and ordinances
  • Apprehension of criminal offenders
  • Facility Security
Mutual Aid Agreement

Questions have been raised concerning the possible duplication of efforts between the Park Police and the Village’s Police Force. The Village’s Police Department is responsible for the safety needs of the village streets, businesses and residences while the Park Police is responsible for park safety needs. A mutual aid agreement has been established where one department will come to the aid of the other department when needed. As a result of having dual forces within the village, services are actually increased through a greater level of attention and cooperation.


Park Police Officers inspect the interior and exterior of each park building and regularly inspect playgrounds for vandalism and graffiti. Although they work every day throughout the year, the Police Force is more visible to the public in the warmer months when they patrol the pools, softball fields, summer concerts and many other activities both by car and on foot. While carrying out their daily rounds, the Park Police make a point of checking facilities being used by rental groups to ensure patron safety and building security.


The Park District Police Force was organized in the 1960’s when a few off-duty police officers were on-call for park supervision. Since that time, our force has grown and their responsibilities have multiplied. However, the mission of the Park Police Force has always been the same.

“The Park Police Force is responsible for protecting the safety of all Park District patrons and properties as well as enforcing all Federal, State, County, Village and Morton Grove Park District laws and ordinances within the Park District.” The Park Police want all of our park users to feel safe while enjoying their leisure time.

The entire Park Police Force, which consists of the Chief of Police and 4 Patrol Officers, are all state certified. State certification requires officers to have a mandatory amount of training hours and pass the State Certification Test. The entire force attends ongoing training courses to sharpen their skills and learn the latest in police practices. At this time, all Park Police Officers are part-time employees.