On May 22, 2017, fifteen students from Notre Dame College Prep came out to Oketo Park to work on a community service project, which will assist with the global warming issue we currently face. Trees planted at Oketo Park will offer shade, CO2 minimization, and air filtration to patrons of the park along with providing and a habitat for wildlife in the park.

Click here to view video to learn more about this project

A special thank you to the Notre Dame College Prep students.
Project organizers: Mark Kutschke, Joseph Sweilem, and Paul Bergstrom.
Project participants: Matthew Zalinski, Craig Kutschke, Charlie Anderson, Derek Seyferth, Ian O’Mahony, Colin French, Brendan Schnoor, Jason Katz, Patrick Bazarek, Deaglan McAndrew, Sam Grillo, and Kevin Pritt.