Harrer Pool – Town Hall Meetings

Brief History of Harrer Pool

Harrer Park Pool & Bathhouse 

  • Built in 1962 and
  • Renovated in 1995. The 1995 renovations included the addition of the spray area, canopy shade structure, and updates to the bathhouse.

Harrer Pool Amenities: 50-meter lap pool, wading pool, dive well, and bathhouse.

In 2017, the Morton Grove Park District commissioned Williams Architects (WA) to provide an assessment of the Harrer Pool. The intent of the evaluation was to determine the present condition of the facility and pools to consider planning for aquatic repairs/replacements as they relate to long range considerations for this facility and make informed decisions regarding future operations.

On-site visual inspections were conducted in May 2017 and June 2017

  • The investigation included a visual examination of the structure and finish for the pools, pool gutter systems, exposed piping, pool filtration systems, chemical control and feed systems, deck areas and related equipment.

Executive Summary Results of Harrer Pool

  • It was determined that the 55-year-old facility, was well beyond the expected 30 to 40-year lifespan of a pool facility.
  • Repairs and replacement items listed in report.
    • Noted that the facility use would be interrupted due to unknown factors that may require major repairs.
    • The facility, at its current age and condition, WA stated it is not advisable to continue to make any repairs and improvements.

With the facility at its current age and condition, it is not advisable to continue to make any repairs or improvements extending this facility.
Click to view the 2017 Harrer Pool Williams Report.

In Spring 2019, under careful review of the condition of the pool it was decided that the Summer of 2019 would be its final season in its current state.


The Board of Park Commissioners approved a 2017 community-wide survey to, in part, ascertain what the community would like the park district to do with the pool.  The survey asked residents’ opinions on if the park district should:

  1. Replace Harrer Outdoor Pool with a similar-sized pool and facility, to ensure better operations and overall safety for decades to come,
  2. Replace Harrer Outdoor pool with a larger pool and new features (e.g., bathhouses, some water park features), while still ensuring better operations and safety for decades to come,
  3. Keep the spray ground facility at Harrer Pool, but close and remove the pool by filling in that site and permanently keep it as park/open space,
  4. Keep the newer spray ground facility, close and remove the pool by filling in that site at least temporarily, and consider building a recreation center at that location that could include an indoor pool, an outdoor pool, a larger fitness center (to replace the Prairie View fitness room), gym courts, and dedicated daycare and preschool program space.

The survey results showed the community-supported Option 4 with Option 1 a close second. There was some support for Option 2, and Option 3, was opposed by residents. Click here to view the Morton Grove Park District Community Survey Report.

The park district then commissioned Williams Architects to design concepts for each option. These concepts allowed visualization of each option for residents. 

Williams Architects presented the concepts at the May 16th Board Meeting, for Morton Grove Park District residents to review. Post-meeting, options posted to the website, residents could view options and provide feedback to the park board.

Harrer Park Pool Option 1
Harrer Park Pool Option 2
Harrer Park Pool Option 3
Harrer Park Pool Option 4

Moving Forward
Based on feedback from residents, cost estimates, and tax implications, the Park Board has approved Option 1 as the concept discussed at the townhall meetings.


The park district will be conducting town hall meetings to solicit resident’s feedback on Option 1.
See below for the schedule of town hall meeting dates, times and locations.

Harrer Pool is a community asset and will need community-wide support for a replacement.  The park district does not have funds available to pay for a project.  The only way to fund a project is through a voter-approved referendum. Voting-eligible residents of Morton Grove will have the opportunity to decide if they will or will not support the project as part of a ballot question in March of 2020.

For comments or for more information, please contact us at board@mgparks.com.



Join the Board of Park Commissioners and staff of the Morton Grove Park District at one of its townhall meetings to learn more about a potential project for the replacement of Harrer Pool.  The park district will provide a brief history of the pool, an overview of the project, cost and tax implications, and answer any questions you may have.  Below are the dates, times, and locations of the townhall meetings.

Saturday, September 21 National Fieldhouse 10:00 am
Saturday, August 17 Harrer Park Pavilion 1:00  pm
Wednesday, August 28 PVCC 6:30 pm
Wednesday, September 11 MG Civic Center 6:30 pm

A Special Meeting held October 2, 2019, to listen to concerned citizen’s comments about a potential project for the replacement of Harrer Pool. Members of the Park District Board looked to gather more comments and suggestions from residents. The public was encouraged to attend. The board briefly discussed all options and received public feedback at Wednesday’s meeting. Click here to be directed to the video of the meeting.