Youth Dance

2020 Fall Dance Class
What to expect – Click here to view video

We offer a variety of classes to suit all ages 18 months to 18 years including creative movement, ballet, tap, jazz, poms, lyrical, contemporary, hip hop, technique, choreography and company dance.  Dance does so many things to enrich our lives. It can instill confidence, improve flexibility and balance, develop rhythm, create a sense of freedom to express one’s self, provide an outlet for socialization, and enhance memorization skills to name a few of its benefits.

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Dance Classes

 Under the Starbound tree, there are three branches to ensure that dancers are challenged as they grow and progress.

Spotlight: Allows dancers to gain confidence in a variety of performance settings.

Junior Starbound: Dancers expand on their performance skills while continuing to establish dance fundamentals.

Senior Starbound: Our most advanced level. These dancers are expected to display the outmost dedication and leadership skills. Dancers will use their knowledge of dance technique to further expand on their creative voice.

All dancers have the opportunity to participate in community performances and attend a dance convention.  Participation in Starbound Dance Companies is by invitation from instructors.

2020 Fall Classes – Click here to view video

Our program for younger dancers (3-6 years), is geared toward learning technique and developing skills. We also concentrate on learning a recital routine. The older classes are fine-tuning technique and developing more advanced skills. All classes focus on enjoying the art of dance. One of the roles of the teacher is to work with the students and the parents to create a passion and enthusiasm for dance that will last a lifetime.

Summer is the perfect time to try a new form of dance or continue in your progression of technique. These mini-sessions provide dancers the opportunity to try different dance forms without the time and expense of the full year. It is strongly recommended that any dancer who wishes to be considered for placement in Companies in the upcoming dance year attend summer dance, especially the SOS (Shake Off Summer) classes. The summer session concludes with an informal “Summer Showcase” for dancers to perform for families and friends at Harrer Park Shelter.