The Grove Preschool Program

Classes for two, three, and four-year-olds are designed to give your child the tools and experiences they need to assure a positive transition to Kindergarten and beyond.

The program is structured around academic and holiday themes that enhance learning and fun. The experiences are both educational and recreational, which aid in social, physical, intellectual and emotional growth. Your child will enjoy a rewarding Preschool experience that encompasses creative play, music, art, science and more.  All programs start shortly after Labor Day and continue through early May.  Days off for holidays and breaks in the program are dictated by local school districts calendars.  A school year calendar is available upon request.

The Grove Preschool Program provides a warm, nurturing environment where children can learn and grow.
Questions? Contact supervisor: Kari Acevedo 847-965-1200, or email at kacevedo@mgparks.com

Acorns (Parent-TOT), 2 Years

We offer Parent-Tot Preschool for the adventurous 2-year old. Parents and Tots experience the fun of preschool
together in a unique and exciting environment.

Emphasis at this level includes:

  • Getting accustomed to interactive play with other children in a highly supervised atmosphere
  • Opportunities to learn developmental approach to education
  • Opportunities for parents/caretakers to interact and share experiences.
Sprouts, Three Years

The emphasis is on learning through play and socialization. Children become acquainted with a classroom environment where
they will learn to listen and follow directions, take turns with other children and immerse themselves in both structured and
unstructured learning opportunities through unique, fun and educational activities.

Emphasis at this level includes:

  • Independence and separation
  • Sharing
  • Cooperative Group Play
  • Numbers, Letters, Shapes, and Colors Recognition
  • Introduction to and refinement of existing gross and fine motor skills
Great Oaks, Four Years

Basic concepts in our previous programs are reviewed and reinforced through both structured and unstructured activities. Emphasis this year is on developing both the academic and social skills needed for entering Kindergarten in area school districts. Our program will stress the development of independence and academic skills through learning centers, socialization, cooperative and dramatic play.Emphasis at this level includes:

  • Preparing children to venture into the Kindergarten Classroom.
  • Fine motor skills are reintroduced and reviewed throughout the year in various projects to reinforce proper handling of school materials, pencil usage and scissor skills.
  • Increased focus on larger group activities and dynamics.
  • Reinforcement of name and letter recognition and formation.