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  • The Morton Grove Park District is an Equal Opportunity Employer. We offer a variety of full-time, part-time, seasonal, internship, and volunteer opportunities.
  • We are looking for service focused team members who know the importance of community.
  • We strictly adhere to an online application process. If you are interested in applying for an opportunity, you must complete the online job application. (link below)
  • Your online application will be kept for one year after completion.
  • Due to the amount of applications that we receive, after submitting your online application, you will be sent an e-mail message confirming the successful submission of your application. You will be contacted only if we are considering you for a specific position.

The Morton Grove Park District is an Equal Opportunity Employer. Employment with the Park District is governed on the basis of merit, competence and qualifications and will not be influenced in any manner by race, age, color, sex, religion, sexual orientation, veteran status, national origin, martial status, mental or physical disability or any other legally protected status.


Current Openings

Position Type: Summer Lifeguard
Date Posted:12/16/2021
Job ID: 346 Click here to apply
Location: Pools
Starting $15.00 per hour DOE approximately 25 to 40 hours per week.

Job Description
Provides a safe aquatic experience through rule enforcement, accident prevention and competency in lifesaving skills. On site training provided.
Job Duties
-Set up the pool area. This includes putting out equipment, making sure the bath rooms and locker-room are clean and open, installing lane lines,
-Provide exceptional customer service to guests at all times.
-Guard your zone with 10/20 scanning and enforce rules .
-Instructing swim lessons
-Complete accident and rescue reports thoroughly.
-Attending in-service training.
-Clean up at the end of the day putting equipment away and making sure bath-rooms and locker-rooms are clean.
Qualifications: Must be at least 16, outgoing, a team player and problem solver, have the ability to pass a swimming skill test, and obtain a Ellis Life guarding license,
This is a seasonal position working Memorial Day through Labor Day
Position Type: Summer Pool Cashier
Date Posted:12/16/2021
Job ID: 459 Click here to apply
Location: Pools
Starting $13.00 per hour

Job Description
Cashier is responsible for the greeting and money exchange of pool patrons’ entering/exiting the pool facility.
Must be at least 16 years of age. Must work well with all ages and posses a friendly disposition. Good math and customer service skills a must.

Essential Functions:
– Arrive and punch in 15 minutes prior to start of shift to prepare pool for entrance. This includes but is not limited to cleaning all surfaces in contact with customers, updating signage, preparing registers (log on) and paperwork for the day. Ensure the bank is accounted for and all reports are available for the day.
– Providing exceptional customer service to patrons and guests always. Always treat customers with respect and courtesy. Inform Manager if problems arise.
– Manage cash flow including daily fee and merchandise sales.
– Keep the register updated and keep capacity counts available for Managers.
– Treat customers with respect and courtesy. Inform Manager if a problem arises.
– Check that patrons are supervised or are proper age to enter, wearing proper swim attire and that no prohibited materials enter the pool. Discourage loitering.
– Position may work as attendant atop waterslide if CPR certified, releasing patrons down slide.
– At the end of the day, clean the register area. Prepare deposit. Money should be counted in private “safe” area. NOT IN VIEW OF PUBLIC. Never leave cash register unattended. Always count money more than once. Wait for Management to count out deposit. Account for all the money, remove the required (appropriate denominations) bank amount and fill out all the appropriate paperwork.
– Assist with cleaning and general procedures if tasks are completed before facility closes and punch out after Manager’s approval.
– Monitor and enforce no outside food policy. Maintain a garbage free building.

Group Exercise Instructor

Position Type: Fitness/Group Exercise Instructor
Job ID: 477 Click here to apply

Date Posted:1/5/2022
Location: Prairie View Community Center

The Group Exercise Instructor is required to lead aerobics class in a group setting for a specific
time allocation. The class should be fun and upbeat but safe and easy to follow. It is the
instructor’s responsibility for each of his/her participants safety during class.

Current certification from AFAA, ACE or other nationally accredited certifications. CPR/AED, and
First Aid is required but will train. Prior experience preferred.
Immediate Supervisor:
Group Exercise Instructors are responsible to the Recreation Manager.
Essential Functions:
– Provide a well-balanced, appropriate, and safe workout according to class description.
– Ensure all participants are registered or have paid guest fee (waiver signed).
– Responsible for usage and return of fitness equipment.
– Provide a safe, fun, and challenging class to each participant.
– Be prepared, start and end class on time.
– Support the Morton Grove Park District safety initiative including adhering to policies
and procedures, performing your job in a safe manner, attending required training,
seeking additional training as needed, promptly reporting accidents/incidents, and
proactively addressing hazards in the workplace.

Marginal Functions:
– Attend Park District meetings, as necessary.
– Represent the Park District at various functions.

Psychological Considerations:
– Ability to work independently in day-to-day operations.
– Ability to work in a team atmosphere.
– Ability to work effectively in a climate of assertiveness and interaction, requiring
timely responsiveness and flexibility.
– Must be able to deal with people under stressful and demanding situations.
– Ability to maintain positive and effective working relationships with supervisors,
staff, and patrons.

Physical Requirements:
General work area is indoors, in a smoke free environment, with controlled temperature and
fluorescent lighting.
Performs tasks that require walking, bending, stooping, standing, kneeling, climbing, reaching
and sitting.

Cognitive Considerations:
Ability to use good judgment is necessary as well as a friendly and outgoing personality.

Position: Camp Counselor
Job ID: 384 Click here to apply

Date Posted:12/16/2021
Location: Prairie View Community Center

Job Description and Duties
– The Camp Counselor will plan, direct and supervise activities for campers. Supervise campers in camp wide activities providing for their safety and well being.
– Will enforce all camp regulations and promote the camp’s philosophy. Maintain campsite in well groomed manner. Assist in all camp related activities including swimming.
– Participate in weekly planning staff meeting. Prepare daily plans and evaluations as requested. Give guidance and direction to junior counselors. – Implement/lead new and creative activities. Be a good role model for campers.

Must be at least 16 years of age and should possess skills in supervision, organization and initiating recreation activities with children. Previous experience working
with children preferred. Enthusiastic, energetic and patient individuals needed. CPR, First Aid, AED certification required. (will train in house).

This is a seasonal position.
Starting at $13.00 per hour

Rental Attendent

Job ID: 438 Click here to apply

Position Type: Parks

Date Posted:3/25/2019


The Rental Attendant is responsible for the operation of any and all rentals taking place at the Prairie View Community Center. The Rental Attendant is responsible for performing essential functions as outlined in this analysis. This is a part-time position working 8-10 hours a rental, working a maximum of two rentals a week, usually on Saturdays and Sundays.

Minimum age for position is 16 years old. Common sense, good judgment, good customer relations and communication are necessary for this position. Must be able to lift moderate weight (25 lbs.) when setting up tables and chairs. Certification in CPR/AED and First Aid is necessary (will train in-house).

Essential Functions:
Set up and take down tables and chairs per agreement with rental contract and set up room for next use.
Clean and sanitize tables and chairs.
Remove and dispose of garbage.
Dust and wet mop floors, vacuum carpet in upstairs hallway.
Clean and sanitize restrooms.
Assist with removal of all decorations.
Clean and sanitize kitchen area when rental group departs.
Check building for unlocked doors and secure all doors upon departure. Set alarm if necessary.
Complete necessary safety document if necessary e.g. accident or incident report and leave report with immediate supervisor.
Always perform and complete tasks in a safe manner.
Keep entrance areas clean and obstruction free from garbage, snow, etc. for rental participants to access the building.
Initiate elevator operation upon entering building and turn off after rental.
Become familiar with building mechanical systems. (community room, activity room, or gym)
Keep rental group in confines of rented space.
Enforce all rules set by the Morton Grove Park District rental contract, calling for assistance of police if necessary.
Complete additional tasks as assigned by Supervisor.

$10.00 an hour

Position Type: Recreation/Gym Attendent
Click here to apply online

Date Posted:8/18/2021

Location: Prairie View Community Center

Job Description: The Gym Attendent is responsible for maintaining order in the gymnasium during rentals. The
Gym Attendant is responsible for performing essential functions as outlined in this analysis. This is a part-time position with a variable schedule (dependent on rental schedule) working up to 15 hours a week, primarily in the evenings. The Gym Attendant may perform duties in the
medium work level (lifting to 45 lbs.)

Qualifications: Minimum age for this position is 16 years old. CPR and First Aid certification necessary (will

Immediate Supervisor: The Gym Attendent is directly responsible to the Recreation Supervisor – Athletics.

Essential Functions:
1. Supervise gymnasium by always having full control of gym.
2. Must be willing and able to enforce the “No Tolerance” policy, calling for assistance
from police, if necessary.
3. Log number of people using the gym ensuring compliance with occupancy limits.
4. Ensure use of gym by Club Fitness members or paid rental guests only.
5. Monitor the hall outside of the gym.
6. Inspect gym at beginning and end of shift for debris, broken rims etc. Notify supervisor if
repairs are needed.
7. Make sure storage closets are locked, stage lights are turned off, and stage doors are
8. Dust mop gym floor, wipe down mats, and turn off selected lights after all patrons have
9. The gym attendant is prohibited from any form of play while on duty.
10. Complete additional tasks as assigned by supervisor.

Must enforce the Rule of Gym as follows:
1. After administering first aid (including giving an ice pack) an accident report must be
filled out completely.
2. For safety reasons, do not leave gym attendant’s chair in gym after shift.
3. No street shoes allowed in gym.
4. No dunking allowed on courts.
5. No food or drinks in the gym beside water.

Psychological Considerations: The gym attendent may need to resolve differences and problems that arise with basketball
players. The gym attendant is responsible for a safe and well-organized environment. May have to work under stressful situations when first aid or CPR are required. May need to ask
players to abide by club rules.

Physiological Considerations: Must have the ability to lift 45 lbs. (assisting with clean up of gymnastics equipment etc.)
May need to respond quickly to an emergency.

Environmental Considerations: All activities are performed indoors. These environmental conditions include lighting and temperature.

Cognitive Considerations: Must possess good safety awareness and judgment. Must be friendly and like to work with
people of all ages.

Pay: $13.00 per hour.

Questions: Please direct any questions to Daniel Bregman, Recreation Supervisor – Athletics at 847-965-0217 or