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  • The Morton Grove Park District is an Equal Opportunity Employer. We offer a variety of full-time, part-time, seasonal, internship, and volunteer opportunities.
  • We are looking for service focused team members who know the importance of community.
  • We strictly adhere to an online application process. If you are interested in applying for an opportunity, you must complete the online job application. (link below)
  • Your online application will be kept for one year after completion.
  • Due to the amount of applications that we receive, after submitting your online application, you will be sent an e-mail message confirming the successful submission of your application. You will be contacted only if we are considering you for a specific position.

The Morton Grove Park District is an Equal Opportunity Employer. Employment with the Park District is governed on the basis of merit, competence and qualifications and will not be influenced in any manner by race, age, color, sex, religion, sexual orientation, veteran status, national origin, martial status, mental or physical disability or any other legally protected status.


Current Openings

Gymnastics Coach & Team Instructors
Job ID: 309  (Click here to apply)

Position Type: Recreation

Date Posted:3/25/2019

Location: Niles West High School

~The gymnastics instructor is responsible for providing a safe, fun learning experience for participants in all program levels. This is a part-time position that may require duties in the medium/heavy work level lifting between 45-75lbs (spotting).
Candidate must be at least 16 years old and have experience in gymnastics as well as previous child-oriented experience. CPR certification is required for head instructor.
Immediate Supervisor:
The gymnastics instructor is responsible to the Gymnastics Coordinator and the Recreation Supervisor in charge of the particular program they are instructing.
Essential Functions:
1. Must arrive 15 minutes before the class begins to set up for the activities.
2. Lead or assist in warm-ups.
3. Teach and assist participants in class skills according to their abilities.
4. Must keep children engaged throughout the entire class.
5. Be a good role model while in class and encourage children to work up to their potential.
6. Spot children during activities to avoid or lessen potential injuries.
7. Assist with planning of classes to achieve children’s progression throughout each level.
8. Take class attendance when Gymnastics Coordinator is not present.

Job ID: 346 (Click here to apply)

Position Type: Summer Pool Staff/Lifeguard
Date Posted: 11/28/2018
Location: Pools

Job Summary
Provides a safe aquatic experience through rule enforcement, accident prevention and competency in lifesaving skills.
On-site training provided.

Job Duties

  1. Set up the pool area.  This includes putting out equipment, making sure the bathrooms and locker-room are clean and open, installing lane lines,
  2. Provide exceptional customer service to guests at all times.
  3. Guard your zone with 10/20 scanning and enforce rules.
  4. Instructing swim lessons
  5. Complete accident and rescue reports thoroughly.
  6. Attending in-service training.
  7. Clean up at the end of the day putting equipment away and making sure bathrooms and locker rooms are clean.


Must be at least 16, outgoing, a team player and problem solver, have the ability to pass a swimming skill test, and obtain an Ellis Lifeguarding license,
Salary $8.75  – $10.00 per hour DOE approximately 25 to 40 hours per week.

This is a seasonal position working Memorial Day through Labor Day
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Job ID: 449  (Click here to apply)

Position Type: Summer Pool Staff/Swim Instructor
Date Posted: 3/26/2019
Location: Pools

Job Summary
Instruct children of all ages using the “Learn to Swim” lesson program as provided by the Morton Grove Park District.

Minimum of 16 years of age. CPR and First Aid preferred, (will train if necessary). Prior swim lesson experience preferred. Skilled in swimming.

Immediate Supervisor:
Responsible to Swim Lesson Coordinator.

Essential Functions:
All instructors are required to teach lessons and attend all instructor training and meetings.
Arrive at the pool 15 minutes prior to lessons.
Have lesson plans and attendance sheets and lesson binder ready and reviewed.
Be on deck and ready to teach in proper uniform 5 minutes before lessons are scheduled to begin.
Uniform consists of proper swimsuit, lesson plan, binder, attendance sheet, and equipment.
Take attendance and teach skills as required for that day.
Teach students in a professional manner with high attention to SAFETY and CONTROL.
At the end of class, clean up all equipment and be prepared to speak with parents concerning student’s performance if necessary. Punch out at this time!
Pool Management is the authority of the LTS Program.

Psychological Considerations:
Lesson Instructor may need to resolve differences and problems that arise with children/patrons. The Lesson Instructor, together with pool management is responsible for the safe and well-organized operation. May also have to work under stressful conditions when rescue attempts are made.

Physiological Considerations:
Must have ability to lift 45 lbs. May need to respond quickly to an emergency.

Environmental Considerations:
All activities are performed outside. These conditions include high temperatures, humidity and exposure to sunlight for extended periods of time.

Starting $8.50 DOE

This is a seasonal position working Memorial Day through Labor Day
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Guest Service Representative
Job ID: 452  (Click here to apply)

Position Type: Administration
Date Posted: 5/8/2019

Location: Prairie View Community Center

The Guest Service Representative is responsible for front line customer service. The Guest Service Representative is a part-time IMRF employee working 25 – 28 hours per week. The work pace is moderate to busy depending on the volume of customers during peak times of the day and evening hours.

The Guest Service Representative should have at least 2 years in a customer service-related position. Experience with RecTrac preferred. CPR training and First Aid are required but will train. High School diploma or equivalent is required.

Immediate Supervisor:
The Guest Service Representative is under the direction of the Registration Coordinator.

Essential Functions:

  • Greet all patrons, members, and participants in a friendly and courteous manner as they enter the Prairie View Community Center.
  • Process program registrations, and season passes, and other activities.
  • Answer phones in a timely manner, directing the call to the appropriate person.
  • Answer all patrons’ questions either in person or on the telephone, or direct patron to appropriate person or department for the question to be answered.
  • Assist in refunds, and program cancellations.
  • Process rental contracts, including checking availability, taking deposits, and completing paperwork.
  • Assist other team members with participating in and preparing for Special Events. Copying, distribution of information or materials, and scheduling facilities.
  • Maintains the general tidiness of the registration area.
  • Complete additional tasks as assigned.

Position Type: Recreation/Fitness Center Attendent

JobID: 382 (Click here to apply)

Date Posted: 2/14/2019

Location: Prairie View Community Center

The Fitness Attendant is responsible for fitness center supervision.
The Fitness Attendant will scan members into the club, and focus on providing members with a positive and safe experience. They will ensure the facility is clean and the equipment is in good working condition. The Fitness Attendant will notice and report any concerns regarding equipment, fitness room, locker rooms, policies, members, in a timely manner. Will maintain rapport with members, and have contact with each member every visit. Orientate new members to fitness equipment and demonstrate appropriate and safe exercises. Assist with towel service and fitness center maintenance and cleaning.

This is a part-time position, working 3 days a week, 3 to 4 hours a day.

Please apply online at Click here to apply

Position Type: Parks/Maintenance Technician

Job Id# 432 Click here to apply.

Date Posted:

Prairie View Community Center

The Custodian is responsible for performing a variety of tasks to maintain the cleanliness, general appearance indoors and outdoors, and the efficient maintenance operation of the Community Center. Occasionally the Custodian will be required to perform other tasks and repairs requested by the Administration Office and Fitness Club Supervisory personnel. The Custodian may perform duties in the medium/heavy work level (lifting over 75 lbs.).
The Custodian is a full time position,
Must be available 4:00am until noon.
High School or Trade School graduate with one year of janitorial or building maintenance experience. Must be self motivated with good judgment and works independently. Must possess a valid driver’s license with no license revocation or suspension within the last three years. Ability to perform strenuous and varied physical activity, including but not limited to, extensive lifting, standing, walking and climbing. A pre-placement physical is required.

Immediate Supervisor:
The Custodian is under the direct supervision of the Superintendent of Parks & Maintenance.

Essential Functions:
Custodial tasks necessary to maintain a clean appearance both on the outside and inside of the Community Center including snow and ice removal.
Routine maintenance which includes: cleaning, mopping, scrubbing, waxing, vacuuming, dusting and washing any and all floors, walls, windows, carpeting, washroom fixtures, tables, chairs and any other permanent or movable item or fixture located in the Center facility.
To check the entire building, both upper and lower level, at periodic intervals during working hours for safety, security and maintenance reasons.
Must take proper safety precautions and be aware of potential and existing hazards on the job and attempt to eliminate them.
Positive interaction and cooperation with all Park District staff, the public and facility patrons.
Clean all areas as instructed by Foreman and complete checklists.Perform additional duties as assigned

Cleaning of second level, Administration Offices, may be necessary when requested.
Take down set ups and clean for parties, rentals, and special events.

Position Type: Parks/Maintenance Technician

Date Posted:2/2/2019

Location: Maintenance Garage
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The Maintenance Technician is responsible for performing a variety of park labor duties to maintain and/or repair park properties and equipment. Maintenance Technicians are responsible for performing the duties outlined in this analysis. Maintenance Technicians are full-time employees and work is performed at a moderate, constant pace, but may vary slightly depending on the demands of the job required. Maintenance Technicians may perform duties in the medium heavy work level (lifting 75 lbs. frequently). CPO preferred.

Must be 18 years of age, High School graduate with a minimum of two years experience in park district maintenance or a related field is required. Basic knowledge and experience in grounds or facility maintenance is required. An operator’s license for application of herbicides is required within 90 days after employment begins. A certified pool operator’s license will be required within one year after that same date. A pre-placement physical is required.

Immediate Supervisor:
Maintenance Technicians are directly responsible to the Superintendent of Parks and Facilities and/or Parks Foreman.

Essential Functions:
Mowing park district turf.
Operation of park district vehicles and machinery.
General road repair: asphalt patching.
Turf maintenance – fertilizing, seeding, aerating, weed eradicating.
Snow and ice removal.
Planting and trimming of trees and shrubs.
Maintenance of outdoor winter facilities.
Repairing and installing park and playground equipment and site amenities.
Sports field preparation including dragging, rolling and marking lines.
Removing all garbage and refuse materials from parks and facilities.
Repair and routine maintenance of two outdoor pools, which includes keeping accurate records..
Positive interaction and cooperation with all staff and the public.
Routine parks, facilities, and equipment cleaning maintenance and repairs.
Participation in the Park District Safety Program and its directives.
Meets and deals with the public in a professional, helpful and pleasant manner. Acts as a good will ambassador for the District at all times.
Maintains a professional, cooperative working relationship with other staff members.
Must be available by district cell phone at all times.

Salary Range $32,000-$45,000

Position Type:
Summer Camp Staff/Head Counselor

Date Posted:

Prairie View Community Center


The Head Counselor is responsible for maintaining the daily operation of the summer camp program he or she has been put in charge of.

At least 18 years of age with a High School diploma or equivalent. College degree or teaching certificate preferred. Must be certified in CPR/AED and First Aid and have three-years or more prior camp experience. Skills in supervision, organization, lesson planning, record keeping, and communication are necessary.

Immediate Supervisor:
The Head Counselor is responsible to the Camp Coordinator and the Recreation Supervisor in charge of camps.

Essential Functions:

  • Plan, organize, develop, and implement daily camp activities with the staff.
  • Assist in staff training, i.e. staff or orientation, activity/games workshop.
  • Supervise counselors, Jr. counselors and campers on a daily basis and keep activities flowing smoothly at the site.
    Organize and lead staff meetings.
  • Keep records and submit camp reports and evaluations to the Camp Coordinator.
  • Build and maintain staff morale.
  • Handle discipline problems.
  • Maintain communication with Camp Coordinator, Recreation Supervisor, and parents with camper concerns.
  • Evaluate the camp program and camp staff mid-season and end of the season.
  • Responsible for equipment inventory.
  • Assist in all camp-related activities including swimming.
  • Monitor staff performance and aid in the education of discipline situations.
  • Determine/implement season-long activity plans to be used at camp.
  • Monitor/inspect campsite to ensure camper safety, program implementation and staff efficiency.
  • At the end of the camp season, make sure camp location is clean and all supplies are taken back to the Harrer Shelter


$12 depending on experience
Apply online at


  • Position Type:
    Summer Camp Staff/Camp Counselor
  • Date Posted:
  • Location:
    Prairie View Community Center



The Camp Counselor will plan, direct and supervise activities for campers. Supervise campers in camp-wide activities providing for their safety and well being.
Will enforce all camp regulations and promote the camp’s philosophy. Maintain campsite in a well-groomed manner. Assist in all camp related activities including swimming.
Participate in weekly planning staff meeting. Prepare daily plans and evaluations as requested. Give guidance and direction to junior counselors. Implement/lead new
and creative activites. Be a good role model for campers.

Must be at least 16 years of age and should possess skills in supervision, organization and initiating recreation activities with children. Previous experience working
with children preferred. Enthusiastic, energetic and patient individuals needed. CPR, First Aid, AED certification required. (will train in house).

This is a seasonal position.
$8.50 – $11.25 depending on experience
Apply online at

BASE/B4 Team Leader
The Base/B4 Team Leader is responsible for maintaining the daily operation of the program site to which assigned.
Job ID:
450  Apply

Date Posted: 2/7/2019
Location: Hynes School

At least 21 years of age with a High School diploma or equivalent. CPR/AED and First Aid certifications required (will train). Experience in before school/afterschool childcare programming preferred. Skills needed include supervision, lesson planning, record keeping, and communication.

Immediate Supervisor:
The BASE/B4 Team Leader is responsible to the Recreation Supervisor.

Essential Functions:

  1. Supervise all staff on site.
  2. Assist in the scheduling, organizing, and implementation of the daily activities at the assigned before school/afterschool site.
  3. Participates and leads activities as needed.
  4. Organize and lead weekly staff meeting.
  5. Build and maintain staff morale.
  6. Assist in handling discipline problems as they arise.
  7. Maintain communication with staff, children, parents, and school administrators.
  8. Responsible for inventory of equipment.
  9. Monitor/inspect site to insure participant’s safety.
  10. Perform all job tasks within the rules and guidelines of the District’s safety program. Using good safety awareness and judgement.

Starting $12.00 DOE

Job ID: 312  Apply


The Morton Grove Park District is seeking a mature, creative and responsible individual who loves working with children. Do you like the idea of getting paid to play? If so we
have the job for you! We are seeking team members to work with the before school program (6:45 – 8:30 after-school school programs (2:45pm-6: 00 pm), Monday through Friday or 3 days per week.
Hours vary by school location, 15-20 hours per week and all shifts available.
If you enjoy children and want to make a difference in a child’s life, please apply online at, questions contact Laura Kee 847-965-0538

  Job Duties

  • Assist in the scheduling, organizing and implementation of the daily activities
  • Develop and lead new and creative activities.
  • Promote the philosophy of the B.A.S.E program.
  • Enforce all B.A.S.E. program rules and regulations.
  • Be a good role model for all B.A.S.E. participants.
  • Maintain site in a well-groomed manner


Several shifts available.

Position Type: Recreation/Dance Assistant (Substitute) Date Posted:1/8/2019 Location: Prairie View Community Center Job ID:437 (Click here to apply) Job Summary Under the direction of Recreation Supervisor and Dance Coordinator. Dance assistants are responsible for assisting teachers. Demonstrate techniques and methods of dance as directed by the teacher. Assist in class control and management. Must be available Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday from 4:15 pm – 7:30 pm. Qualifications: Must be at least 15 years old.(with work permit) Member of Starbound Dance Company and 3 years dance experience preferred. Ability to work independently and creatively. Pleasant and friendly personality. Must provide a work permit if under the age of 16. Must be CPR, First Aid/AED certified. (will train) Essential Functions:

  • Arrive in studio no earlier than 15 minutes prior to the start of your first class for preparation.
  • Responsible for daily set up and clean up of the studio.
  • Maintain materials and storage areas.
  • Maintain a classroom atmosphere that is conducive to learning.
  • Meet regular and predictable attendance requirements.
  • Maintain professional competence in dance techniques.
  • Assist in preparing students to perform dances for the annual dance recital.
  • Work as a team with the dance staff to achieve the overall purpose of the program.
  • Demonstrate good communication skills teaching a classroom.
  • Submit availability for class scheduling purposes when requested.
  • Performs other related duties as assigned.
  • Fill in as a substitute for other assistants if possible.
  • Greet parents and students.
  • Display a cooperative, positive attitude when working with staff and students.
  • Provide a positive interaction and communication with the children.
  • When communicating and interacting with parents employee should focus on professional courtesies, regarding Dance Program activities and information only.
  • Maintain knowledge of park policies, confidentiality of student and staff records and information, and loyalty to park district.
  • At no time should an assistant be in a closed room alone with a child, either another child, parent or staff member should be present.
  • Do not release a child to anyone without written permission from the parents.
  • Keep in consideration all safety guidelines and procedures. Starting $8.50 Apply online at

Position Type: Parks
Date Posted: 11/19/2018

Apply: JobID: 438

The Rental Attendant is responsible for the operation of any and all rentals taking place at the Prairie View Community Center. The Rental Attendant is responsible for performing essential functions as outlined in this analysis. This is a part-time position working 8-10 hours a rental, working a maximum of two rentals a week, usually on Saturdays and Sundays.

The minimum age for the position is 16 years old. Common sense, good judgment, good customer relations, and communication are necessary for this position. Must be able to lift moderate weight (25 lbs.) when setting up tables and chairs. Certification in CPR/AED and First Aid is necessary (will train in-house).

Essential Functions:
Set up and take down tables and chairs per agreement with rental contract and set up room for next use.
Clean and sanitize tables and chairs.
Remove and dispose of garbage.
Dust and wet mop floors, vacuum carpet in the upstairs hallway.
Clean and sanitize restrooms.
Assist with removal of all decorations.
Clean and sanitize kitchen area when rental group departs.
Check building for unlocked doors and secure all doors upon departure. Set alarm if necessary.
Complete necessary safety document if necessary e.g. accident or incident report and leave a report with the immediate supervisor.
Always perform and complete tasks in a safe manner.
Keep entrance areas clean and obstruction free from garbage, snow, etc. for rental participants to access the building.
Initiate elevator operation upon entering the building and turn off after rental.
Become familiar with building mechanical systems. (community room, activity room, or gym)
Keep rental group in confines of rented space.
Enforce all rules set by the Morton Grove Park District rental contract, calling for assistance of police if necessary.

Complete additional tasks as assigned by Supervisor.
$10.00 an hour

Position Type: Recreation
Date Posted: 2/14/2018
Location: Prairie View Community Center

Apply: JobID: 309

Summary: Provide weekly music lessons to students of all ages and abilities.

Bachelor’s degree in Music. 2-3 years of experience teaching students at the beginner, intermediate, and advanced levels. Must possess strong communication skills and effective personal skills for working with students who range from young children to adults.

Essential Functions:
1. Provide 30 minute to 60 minute weekly music lessons to students all ages and abilities.
2. Assess student skill and music knowledge during the initial meeting.
3. Provide appropriate teaching of music theory and instrument instruction so that students can progress toward their musical goal.
4. Prepare students for student recitals.
5. Communication with students regarding concerns, missed classes, etc.
6. Have effective time management skills to ensure that classes are met on time.
7. Be highly organized to keep track of any changes to their weekly schedule.
Starting $25.00 DOE
Apply online at