Thor Guard Lightning Detection System

The Morton Grove Park District has added a new safety measure to help protect our community from dangerous lightning strikes. The Thor Guard Lightning Prediction System is installed in 14 parks throughout the district. The system is designed to reduce the danger of lightning strikes with a warning that will blast 8 to 20 minutes before a potential strike.

How Thor Guard Works

When a lightning threat is detected within a 2.5-mile radius of the system:

  • A 15-second uninterrupted horn blast will sound along with a continuous strobe flash
  • All outdoor activities will be suspended and park patrons should immediately seek shelter in a building or closed automobile and remain in shelter until the threat has passed.

When lightning threat potential has passed:

  • A horn will sound three short blasts
  • The strobe light will turn off

Thor Guard Activation
The system will be active seven days a week from 7:00 am-10:00 pm – April through October.

Thor Guard Live Weather Radar
Click here to view Prairie View Park
Click here to view Harrer Park

Take Caution!

Anytime there is threatening weather, you should use your best judgement and take shelter – even if a signal has not been sounded.  The Thor Guard system is meant to assess conditions, it is not a guarantee of safety.

Thor Guard Locations

  • Harrer Park
  • National Park
  • Oriole Park
  • Prairie View Park
  • Arnum Park
  • Austin Park
  • Frank Hren Park
  • Jacobs Park
  • Mansfield Park
  • Oketo Park
  • Overhill Park
  • Palma Lane Park
  • Pioneer Park
  • Shermer Park