American With Disabilities Act Notice

People with and without disabilities are encouraged and invited to register for all Park District programs of interest. The Park District is committed to complying with the Americans with Disabilities Act (“ADA”) and all other applicable laws regarding nondiscrimination. If you or a family member has a disability and are interested in participating in or attending Park District programs or activities, the Park District will make reasonable accommodations to facilitate that opportunity, such as providing auxiliary communication aids and services, revising policies and practices, removing barriers, selecting available alternate activity sites or taking other appropriate action.

To assist Park District staff in making appropriate accommodations, we urge you to contact us reasonably in advance of program participation and discuss the necessary accommodation with our ADA Officer, Jeff Wait at 847-965-0383 or

The ADA Officer will work closely with the Maine-Niles Association of Special Recreation’s (M-NASR) Inclusion Manager to provide for your individual needs. Families of individuals with disabilities should contact M-NASR (847) 966-5522 to discuss the individual’s participation in the program of choice. The Relay System number is (800) 526-0844.

An ADA Audit was performed for the Park District in June of 2013. The results of this audit are available for review in the park district administrative offices located at Prairie View Community Center; 6834 Dempster Street, Morton Grove, IL 60053 during administration business hours.